Interior Wall Cladding

Here is Why Interior Wall Cladding Must Be a Part of Your Project

Every construction project calls for high-quality building materials and workmanship. Though you may have an idea of how you want it all to work out, the walls definitely deserve some special attention. Interior wall claddings, besides giving a distinct aesthetic appeal, promise an array of benefits, ranging from environmental friendliness to improving your property’s market […]

Exterior Cladding / Wall Cladding

A Guide to Install Wall Cladding the Right Way

Designers and architects, these days, turn to various materials to improve the aesthetics and lifespan of walls, and keep maintenance costs to the lowest. Using decorative wall cladding is one such option. While wall cladding promise unmatched appeal and lifespan, the installation calls for some preparations and precautions. Further on the subject, in this blog post, […]

Exterior Cladding

The Basics of Interior and Exterior Wall Cladding

Wall claddings enhance the beauty, insulation, and life of commercial and residential buildings. When looking to renovate commercial spaces such as restaurants, kitchens, and auditoriums, installing wall cladding is a great way to bring out the desired look and feel. Along with nailing the desired aesthetic appeal, interior and exterior wall cladding materials also offer several […]

Exterior Cladding / Wall Cladding

5 Advantages of Using Laminate Wall Cladding

Nowadays, a number of people choose laminate wall cladding or compact laminates over real wooden wall panels for the several advantages they offer. Compared to real wood, laminate wall cladding offers similar aesthetic appeal and properties at lower prices and has a host of other benefits. If you are looking for exterior cladding material for […]

HPL Cladding / Wall Cladding

Why Choose HPL Cladding for Wall Panels

As a premium wall cladding material, high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) clads strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and durability. They find applications both on the interior and exterior walls as laminate wall panels. HPL cladding is a favorite among designers and architects as it allows them to give their projects a unique appeal. If you […]


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