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Buying HPL Cladding? Here are the Certifications to Check

High Pressure Laminates cladding, or HPL Cladding for short, is a highly durable and aesthetically appealing exterior surfacing material widely used in upscale residential and commercial properties. Available in a variety of colors, designs and wood grain finishes, HPL cladding is known to be highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, scratches, and solvents, which make […]

Exterior Cladding

Exciting Trends in Cladding and Laminate Wall Panels

With exceptional durability and an array of design and colour options, HPL cladding, one of the most popular types of wall cladding, is an ideal surfacing material for both exterior and interior use. HPL cladding gives your structure a protective “skin” while giving it an elegant appeal. If you wish to create a unique look, […]

Exterior Cladding

Exterior Wall Cladding: A Must-Have for Modern Architectures

Building materials have radically evolved over the years. The evolutions in the industry have also attracted a huge consumer base that is eager to adapt to the new developments. One such evolution is exterior wall cladding. Besides allowing designers and architects to experiment with different designs, textures and patterns, cladding also helps protect the structure […]


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