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Wooden wall cladding has been a sought-after solution that architects and designers have been adopting to improve the aesthetic appeal and boost the overall structural integrity. That said, wooden wall cladding came with its own problems and disadvantages that were hard to ignore. Starting from the poor performance against water, moisture, and humidity to requiring high maintenance, there are several downsides that come with wall cladding made from wood. HPL, owing to its superior performance, water resistance, and low maintenance attributes, has become a popular wall cladding solution. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share four reasons HPL cladding is a viable alternative to wooden wall cladding. Read on.

1. Stunning Aesthetics

HPL wall cladding, unlike wooden wall cladding, is available in umpteen choices to choose from, all with a uniform design, colour, and pattern distribution. This makes HPL wall cladding highly suitable for commercial establishments looking to create a uniform look that aligns with their design theme. Greenlam Clads, for instance, offers an extensive collection of designs in HPL exterior wall cladding  solutions to choose from.

2. High Durability

HPL is an ideal wall cladding material when durability holds utmost importance. HPL wall cladding panels have a long lifespan and last more than a decade without losing their sheen. Their high durability, especially in the face of changing weather conditions and high humidity levels, makes them a great alternative to wooden wall cladding.

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3. Low Maintenance

HPL cladding is the easiest to maintain and clean. It can be easily cleaned with a sponge or a damp cloth to look just as new. Apart from that, any kind of stains can be easily cleaned by using a cloth; as opposed to wooden wall cladding which requires much more effort to maintain. Wooden wall cladding, moreover, requires near constant upkeep and may also need to be repolished to maintain its sheen. HPL cladding on the other hand is extremely easy to maintain, thanks to the anti-dust and anti-graffiti properties, among others.

4. Easy Installation

Another prominent advantage of HPL over wooden wall cladding is the ease of installation that HPL offers. HPL wall cladding saves both your time and money, as it is very easy to install. It can be used in both interior and exterior spaces and gives more value to money when compared to wooden wall cladding.

Wrap Up

The aforementioned reasons are some among the many ones that highlight the numerous benefits of HPL wall cladding over other popular alternatives. With HPL wall cladding, you can choose from a wide range of options that will give your commercial property, be it a retail store or a mall, stunning aesthetic appeal and durability. If you want to learn more about HPL cladding solutions on offer or would like to discuss your requirements, write to us at or call us at +91-11-4279-1399.

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