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In the past, surfacing material choices for interior and exterior design were very limited. Most spaces featured materials such as paint, wallpaper, and hardwood, a trend that has seen a drastic drop with the growing popularity of hpl exterior and interior wall cladding, mostly in commercial spaces. Wall cladding has a variety of features that bring huge benefits in terms of aesthetics and performance. In this blog, we take time to debunk four common myths about wall cladding. 

Myth 1: Wall Cladding Is Expensive

Fact: Interior wall cladding gives an exotic look to work spaces, which is why many people have the misconception that it is expensive. While this may be true for wall cladding made from materials such as hardwood, it is not the case with hpl exterior and interior cladding. Advanced manufacturing technology is behind the rise of economical, beautiful, and high performance HPL wall cladding.

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Myth 2: Wall Cladding Releases Toxic Fumes

Fact: Contrary to a common myth, wall cladding does not release harmful toxic fumes. Reputable manufacturers such as Greenlam Industries offer wall cladding that has certifications for environmental compliance such as ISO 14001. This excludes the use of any hazardous substances in the manufacturing of the cladding panels. The myth is often true for paints and wallpaper glue.   

Myth 3: Wall Cladding is only for Interior Walls

Fact: Wall cladding comes in interior and exterior designs. Exterior cladding is equally popular and brings a whole range of benefits for commercial spaces. These include unmatched aesthetic appeal, protection from the elements, building insulation, excellent acoustic blocking, and easy maintenance. Today, facades increasingly feature exterior and interior hpl wall cladding in myriad designs.

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Myth 4: Cladding Needs Expensive Installation and Rigorous Maintenance  

Fact: Installation of wall cladding is not that complicated or expensive. This is even more apparent when you factor the benefits you stand to gain overtime such as reduced heating and cooling bills and minimal maintenance. The installation does not require any special skills or perfectly leveled walls to align surfaces. This makes it a great way to hide any irregularities or flaws in the wall surface.   


Wall cladding panels allow you to bring your dream designs to life without having to pay through the nose. Greenlam Clads is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality wall cladding panels in India and around the world. We have an extensive range of colors and designs, making it easy to choose a perfect solution for your decor project. To know more about available exterior and interior cladding panels, get in touch with our experts. Call us at +91-1142791399 or write to us at

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