Exterior Clads

Accentuate your exterior

Greenlam Exterior Clads are designed to beautify your exteriors with tasteful pattern and sophisticated elegance. They are made with the latest GLE technology that makes them resilient against weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold and rain. They are also resistant to stains, scratches, steam, cracks and surface wear. They have a long lifespan and require little to no maintenance.

Popular applications include – facade, balcony, gate for residential and commercial establishments, hospitals, fascia for showrooms etc.

  • 12 Year
  • Fire
  • Excellent anti
    graffiti properties
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Matching
  • Anti-Dust
  • Moisture
  • Environment
  • Low voc
  • Resistance
    to acid rains
  • Corrosion
  • Termite
  • Anti – bacterial
    and anti – fungal
  • Acoustic
  • GLE technology
  • Can withstand extreme temperature
    conditions from -60C to +80C
  • Superior light fastness
    performance (UV resistance)

*Climatic conditions across geographies may affect the product performance. Hence, warranty will vary across countries. Contact business manager for more details.

Endless Possibilities

1 Soffit

Soffit exterior cladding panels

2 Recessed Window

Recessed window exterior panels

3 Ventilated Facades

Ventilated facades exterior wall panels

4 Parapet Wall

Parapet wall exterior cladding

5 Boundary Wall

Boundary wall exterior panels

6 Balcony

Exterior wall panels for balcony

7 Partition Wall

Exterior partition wall panels

8 Pillar

Exterior panels for pillar

9 Gate

Exterior gate wall panels

Other Application Areas

Fences, Outdoor Furniture, Public Facilities, Playground Facilities, Sports Facilities etc