What are Greenlam Clads?

Greenlam Clads are premium quality Exterior Grade Compact Laminates.

How is Greenlam Clads superior in the light fastness performance?

A combination of special UV protective film, best quality Exterior Grade Décor Papers made using extreme light stable pigments, chemical formulations & special grade ink, gives the product superior light fastness property.

How may shades are available in Greenlam Clads?

42 decors

Can you give shades other than those which are in the range?


Is there any other finish available?


What is the warranty of Greenlam Clads?

12 Years

Where all can I use Greenlam Clads?

Façade Claddings, Balcony Claddings, Partitions, Railings, Fences, Attic Claddings, Ceilings, Outdoor furniture, Public Facilities, Playground facilities, Sports facilities, Sun protection, Awnings, Children Play-home, Gate etc.

Why Décor paper is given on both sides of Greenlam Clads?

Décor paper is given on both sides so that the properties of the Clad are same on both sides. This eliminates the chances of panel warping.

Can Greenlam Clads be easily cleaned?

Because of the special protective polymeric film on top, the product has excellent Anti-soiling and anti-graffiti properties facilitating easy clean ability of surface.

Can this material be used for roofing?

This material cannot be used as load bearing roofs, however we can suggest as roof covering with this material.

How is Greenlam Clads different from other exterior grade compacts offered in the market?

Greenlam Clads are developed with exterior grade décor paper, added with special treatment to take wear and tear of the outside rough weather and also it comes with default Fire Retardant property.


When Warranty is only on the fading and de-lamination of the product, why is it linked with installation and usage of Greenlam rivets?

Greenlam believes that proper installation is a key for durability of the panel. Any deviation in materials, practices and fabrication techniques can affect the panel adversely. Hence these attributes have been linked.

Apart from Aesthetics what other properties are there in the material to justifying its cost as compared to other such products in the market?

There are various physical and mechanical properties that are superior to other products’ in market. For instance, Clads’ density is higher and hence the cladding material is sturdier to exhibit higher resistance to impact and indicates a better inter-laminar bond strength. The product offered is of the most superior grade, EDF as per EN 438 standard, and offered as a default heavy duty fire retardant variant.
UV resistance on weathering shows a grey scale rating of >4 which indicates that the fading of material is minimum over a long time period.

Can the panel be directly fixed on wall?

No. The panel cannot be fixed to the wall directly. Wall surfaces are, normally, not in plumb and there will be undulations. Greenlam Clads is hard and cannot fill the undulations. As a result all the fasteners get over-stressed during installation and there could be failure of fasteners as well as warping of exterior panels. Wall surface screw holding capacity varies from place to place and it is difficult to ensure proper fixing of fasteners.
Fixing of boards is carried out with the help of aluminum sections which form a substructure on the wall and compensate for undulations.

Can we provide horizontal sub-structure?

No, We do not provide horizontal sub-structure as we install our panels on back ventilated façade system in-order to maintain the airflow throughout the façade.

In high humidity areas what will be the panel behavior?

What is the extent of absorption of the panel surface: Greenlam Clads are made with superior grade resins and cured at High pressure and temperature. The product, thus, attains a higher density of 1400kg/m3 and the possibility of moisture absorption is very less.

Greenlam panels have stood the test of the times in several installations in coastal areas like Mumbai, humid areas like Kolkata and rainy areas like Aizawl and many overseas locations and geographies.

What is the source material of this product?

Greenlam Clads is made out of High Fiber Strength Kraft and décor papers. These papers are obtained from FSC certified sources and qualify for the green material.

What thickness is Greenlam Clads offered in?

6mm; 8mm & 10mm. Higher thicknesses can also be catered on specific orders.

Is Greenlam Clads fire resistant?

Yes, the surface won’t allow spread of flame. The product retards fire and is meets Euro class classification of Bs1d0.

What is the size of a Greenlam Clads panel?

Standard 4.25 ‘ x 10’ (1300 mm x 3050 mm)

Does Greenlam Offer Clads installers/ fabricators?

Authorized partners who are specialized to install Greenlam Clads are available for carrying out installation at sites.