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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Exterior Wall Cladding

Exteriors of any commercial building are important for its aesthetics and overall branding. External wall cladding presents a great way to give commercial buildings aesthetically pleasing appearance while leveraging a number of other benefits. When it comes to choosing wall cladding, there are a number of factors that must be taken into account. Read on […]

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4 Reasons HPL Is Preferred Interior Wall Cladding in the Hospitality Industry

Commercial areas in the hospitality industry have an elevated need to score highly on aesthetics in order to attract and retain business. HPL cladding is one of the go-to materials when it comes to beautifying the interiors of establishments in the hospitality industry. It is an ideal surface material for areas such as hotels, sports facilities, night clubs, […]

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4 Hotel Areas Where You Can Install Greenlam Interior Clads

Hotel interior design balances aesthetics, safety, functionality, and cost. The decor must be easy to install and maintain, visually appealing and also provide safety in the form of fire retardation. The design also maintains a consistent theme across common areas some of which do well with interior wall cladding. Laminates meet all the requirements of […]


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