Exterior Cladding

Exterior Wall Cladding: A Must-Have for Modern Architectures

Building materials have radically evolved over the years. The evolutions in the industry have also attracted a huge consumer base that is eager to adapt to the new developments. One such evolution is exterior wall cladding. Besides allowing designers and architects to experiment with different designs, textures and patterns, cladding also helps protect the structure […]

Interior Cladding

3 Certifications to Look for When Buying Interior Cladding

Interior cladding acts as a protective layer for the outer walls of a building. Available in a variety of colors and designs, interior cladding offers great resistance to deteriorating elements, such as termites, moisture and abrasion. That explains the increasing use of interior cladding in construction and renovation projects. If you are planning to design […]

Exterior Cladding

Greenlam Comes Out with Clads To Beautify Exteriors

Who could have thought that exteriors could be made so beautiful, so enthralling? Greenlam thought, and worked on the idea of beautifying homes beyond words. The result is now out – in the form of ‘Clads’! Clads are specially engineered exterior grade compact laminates that can easily be applied on the outer surfaces of homes […]

Exterior Cladding

Benefits of Exterior Wood Cladding Systems

If you are looking to give the exterior of your commercial property a facelift, as well as raise its curb appeal and value, house cladding is the go-to solution. Most architects and designers will attest to the aesthetic beauty and cost-effective nature of exterior wood cladding systems that are available from top manufacturers. Greenlam Clads […]


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