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Installing exterior wall cladding is a popular way of providing extra protection to walls and enhancing the overall aesthetics of a building. Wall cladding is available in a variety of materials with each having its own pros and cons. Of all the options available in the market, HPL wall cladding is by far the most popular owing to a variety of reasons. In this blog post, we discuss major factors to consider when buying exterior wall cladding.

1. Wall Cladding Material

When it comes to types of wall cladding, there are different options from which to choose such as stone cladding, glass, vitrified tiles, and high-pressure laminates (HPL). Although every material has its characteristics, HPL wall cladding is the most preferred choice by a majority of designers because of its excellent features and cost-effectiveness. Its design can also replicate natural materials such as stone.

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2. Desired Thermal Properties

One of the major functions of wall claddings is to provide thermal insulation to the building. This can be very helpful in keeping the temperature of the building interiors lower than the outside. HPL cladding offers excellent thermal insulation as compared to other types of cladding. The thermal properties also help to keep your power cost low.

3. Thickness and Weight of Wall Cladding

Thickness and weight of wall cladding is a major consideration as it can put extra stress on the walls. For example, stone cladding is way heavy as compared to HPL cladding. The weight can actually be as much as double that of HPL. This makes HPL cladding a more preferred option as it is lighter and does not put extra weight on the building envelope.

4. Method of Installation

Method of installation can be a defining factor for the timeline of your project as well as its cost. You need to choose wall cladding that can be easily installed to save time and money. HPL cladding is installed on aluminum panels and brackets that are easy to install and takes less time as compared to other options such as stone cladding.

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5. Cost-Effectiveness

The cost of the material is another prominent factor that you must consider when choosing wall cladding. Out of all the available types of wall cladding, HPL wall panels present the least cost as represented by their price,  ease of installation, low maintenance, and extended durability. The cost-effectiveness gets even better with time through energy savings and other factors.

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