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Hotel interior design balances aesthetics, safety, functionality, and cost. The decor must be easy to install and maintain, visually appealing and also provide safety in the form of fire retardation. The design also maintains a consistent theme across common areas some of which do well with interior wall cladding. Laminates meet all the requirements of a wall cladding material for hotels In this blog, we are going to look at four areas in a hotel where you can install laminate wall cladding.

1. Reception & Waiting Area

The reception and waiting area is the busiest spot in most hotels that must present an upscale appeal. There is high surface contact with walls, tables, and counters. The surfaces can be a breeding ground for bacteria, making antibacterial laminate wall panels an ideal cladding material. Abrasion Resistant property of laminates also ensures that the surfaces preserve their aesthetics for a long time.

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2. Elevator Centers

Elevator Centers in hotels see a lot of surface contact and footfall. They also have high exposure to damage from trolleys and luggage. This makes them an ideal candidate for installing laminate interior wall cladding. Apart from their scratch-resistant properties, interior wall cladding materials are also great for elevator centers due to their ease of maintenance and antibacterial properties.

3. Luggage Rooms

Luggage rooms are cluttered spaces with constant movement. There is frequent high-impact contact between suitcases and trolleys with walls and doors, causing rapid wear & tear. Interior cladding wall panels are a perfect solution to protect the walls of a hotel luggage room. You can opt for an HPL cladding design that complements the hardware and fixtures in luggage rooms.

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4. Passageways

Passageways in hotel rooms also experience high footfall throughout the day. The walls are characterized by high contact which is why they should feature an impact and scratch resistant surface material that also boasts of antibacterial properties. Fire safety is also an important consideration for passageways as they present an escape route in the event of an accident. HPL interior wall cladding has impeccable fire-retardant properties that makes it a great choice for hotel passageways.

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