Interior Wall Cladding

5 Popular Colors for your Interior Wall Cladding

Color not only plays an integral role in enhancing the beauty of your spaces but can also have a psychological effect on the occupants. Some colors make occupants feel energetic and happy, while others work as a tranquilizer for the mind. A wrong color choice can make your spaces look dull despite the presence of […]

Interior Wall Cladding

Here is Why Interior Wall Cladding Must Be a Part of Your Project

Every construction project calls for high-quality building materials and workmanship. Though you may have an idea of how you want it all to work out, the walls definitely deserve some special attention. Interior wall claddings, besides giving a distinct aesthetic appeal, promise an array of benefits, ranging from environmental friendliness to improving your property’s market […]

Interior Wall Cladding

4 Things to Consider when Installing HPL Cladding

HPL cladding is a heavy-duty surfacing solution perfect for an array of applications. Its unmatched aesthetic appeal, combined with exceptional features, makes it an ideal choice for both commercial and residential spaces. HPL cladding provides superior durability and outperforms popular alternatives such as granite, hardwood, and composite. While you can always bank on Greenlam Clads […]

Interior Wall Cladding

4 Reasons to Use Interior Wall Cladding in Your Next Project

Wall cladding have become a staple in modern living spaces, especially when the focus is on striking the perfect balance between appeal and value. Besides lending an unmistakably elegant appeal to walls, cladding is known to enhance the overall structural stability of the building where they are installed. But that’s not where the benefits end. […]


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