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Color not only plays an integral role in enhancing the beauty of your spaces but can also have a psychological effect on the occupants. Some colors make occupants feel energetic and happy, while others work as a tranquilizer for the mind. A wrong color choice can make your spaces look dull despite the presence of other premium quality decor elements. Whether you are choosing interior office wall cladding or paint, it is important to make all the necessary considerations. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we discuss five popular colors for your interior wall cladding. Read on!

1. Black

Black is popularly used as an accent color especially while choosing interior wall cladding solutions for offices and cabins. Colors such as Black (Dazzle) and Black (Suede). can be perfectly balanced with other colors such as the Bavarian Beach, Siam Teak, and White Granite to bring out a unique appeal. Black interior office wall cladding helps unfold a different level of aesthetics and enhance the visual impact of other colors and textures that are part of the decor.

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2. Blue

Blue is an excellent choice of interior office wall cladding when you are looking for something soothing and calming. Different shades such as Blue Bell, Blue Galaxy, Ozone, and Electric Blue can make occupants feel more centered, serene, and relaxed. The shades can also help lower blood pressure, promote steady breathing, and clear the mind, which is why they are an ideal choice for hotel rooms, restrooms, lounges, and personal cabins.

3. Yellow

Yellow interior office wall cladding is one of the most popular choices for those looking for something bright and energetic. It is perfect for living rooms and kitchens as it can help boost the mood and feeling refreshed. There is a wide range of shades available in yellow such as DivineOlive and Live Yellow which can bring an uplifting feeling of liveliness and joy. The color, when combined with natural plants, presents an excellent way to bring some positivity into work spaces.

4. White

White is the color of peace and can make an excellent choice if you are looking for something simple yet sophisticated. Choosing white shades such as Designer White, Brilliant White Pearly White, and Frosty White for your interior wall cladding materials can help make spaces look spacious and open. The color also makes spaces look clean and pure. It is synonymous with protection, goodness, and innocence and can perfectly complement any color and decor.

Let’s Talk Interior Cladding

When looking to install interior wall cladding solutions in commercial spaces, connect with reputable manufacturers such as Greenlam Clads that can offer a wide range of colors and patterns which can easily fit any decor and design. Greenlam CIads not only ensures that wall cladding solutions are of premium quality but also meet various international standards. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about available interior wall cladding designs and materials, simply call +91-11-4279-1399, or email

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