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4 Popular Exterior Cladding Materials: Their Pros and Cons

Exterior wall cladding is a high-performance solution which protects buildings from harsh weather elements while improving the overall aesthetic appeal at the same time. What’s more, choosing the right type of cladding solution gives you several benefits such as thermal insulation, protection against structural deterioration, and improved interior acoustics and day lighting. Continuing on the […]

HPL Cladding / Wall Cladding

Answering Commonly Asked Questions About HPL Cladding

High-pressure laminate wall panels are one of the most common forms of cladding. They are manufactured by putting together multiple layers of kraft with thermosetting resin and fusing them together with high pressure, heat, and sometimes chemicals that can make them resistant to fire. HPL cladding comes in a wide range of colors and designs. […]

HPL Cladding / Wall Cladding

Answering 4 FAQs about HPL Cladding

HPL claddings are manufactured by combining multiple layers of resin-embedded laminate sheets. Thanks to exceptional durability and resistance to external factors, HPL claddings are a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. It is, however, important to know about the different types of cladding available in the market, and always go with a reputable […]

Exterior Cladding / Wall Cladding

What Is The Difference Between Exterior Cladding and A Facade?

The terms cladding and facade are often incorrectly used interchangeably. While the words are related, they don’t refer to the same thing. To clear up some of the confusion regarding this topic, today we’re exploring what the difference is between exterior wall cladding and facade. Defining Exterior Wall Cladding and Facades Let’s get started by […]

Exterior Cladding / Wall Cladding

4 Trends in Exterior Wall Cladding Designs You Should Know

The design, manufacturing, and underlying technology of wall cladding solutions has greatly evolved over time. Apart from features such as moisture resistance, all-weather performance, and longevity, new requirements such as environmental friendliness and energy efficiency have also become the need of the hour. Addressing the changing needs, Greenlam Clads manufactures cutting-edge wall cladding solutions made […]


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