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5 Popular Colors for your Interior Wall Cladding

Color not only plays an integral role in enhancing the beauty of your spaces but can also have a psychological effect on the occupants. Some colors make occupants feel energetic and happy, while others work as a tranquilizer for the mind. A wrong color choice can make your spaces look dull despite the presence of […]

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5 Commercial Property Design Tips to Consider

Design plays a prominent role, especially in commercial spaces where impressive and attractively designed properties leave a mark on the minds of clients, customers, and employees alike. A well-designed exterior creates a positive first impression towards businesses and can go a long way in selling your brand. Thanks to modern surfacing solutions and a plethora […]

HPL Cladding / Wall Cladding

4 Wall Cladding Trends for Exterior Spaces

The exteriors of your property play a significant role in improving its curb appeal and value. If you are contemplating a makeover of your property’s exterior, it helps to choose a style and decor which stays fresh and trendy for a long period. HPL is a popular wall cladding material and for good reason. To […]

HPL Cladding / Wall Cladding

6 Reasons to Choose Greenlam Exterior Wall Cladding Solutions

Commercial properties such as airports, hospitals, offices, malls, and shopping complexes are susceptible to many external factors including extensive footfall, wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, and pollution. It is, therefore, important to choose a reliable, sturdy, and high-performance exterior surfacing solution that can withstand such a battering. Made with high-pressure laminate panels, Greenlam Industries’ […]


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