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Proper decor goes a long way in setting the appearance and mood of living and working spaces. It plays a very important role in boosting the mood while also setting a perfect ambiance that goes with the utility of any space. One potent weapon in your arsenal when designing residential or commercial spaces is wall cladding. Interior wall cladding designs come in a variety of color tones, textures, and designs to meet all unique decor requirements. Although decor is more than just a color scheme, choosing the right colors is a great way of influencing the perception of interior spaces.

Importance of Interior Decor

There are many reasons that make the craft of interior decor so important. People spend a great deal of time inside, whether it’s at home or work. Given that 87% of our time is spent indoors, it makes sense to remain mindful of the positive impact of pleasant environments on the mood and general well-being of occupants. Proper crafting of decor allows you to change variables such as lighting, materials, and proportions to bring out the desired perception and experience.

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Use of Colour

Enlarging the space

You can employ color to enlarge a space when installing wall cladding. To achieve this, you need to opt for light colours as they reflect natural light better which makes surfaces appear larger.

Compacting the space

Colour can also be used in decor so as to compact the space and make it cozier. This can be easily achieved by choosing strong colours for your interior wall cladding designs. Strong colours also absorb natural light to bring out a feeling of enclosure.

Lowering the ceiling

It may sometimes be beneficial to give the appearance of a lower ceiling so as to create a welcoming feeling in a more pleasant environment. This can be achieved by opting for a dark colour for the ceiling or leaving it to showcase natural textures while opting for light-coloured wall cladding.

Stretching the space

Colour can also help you transform spaces with a low ceiling so as to the claustrophobic feel. To make the ceiling appear higher, choose dark-coloured wall cladding and give the ceiling a light colour.

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Making the space wider

You can also make spaces appear wider by opting for the same dark color for the back wall and ceiling while leaving the side walls covered in light-coloured wall cladding. Corridors and narrow rooms often feature this technique.

Making the space narrow

Opting for a light color for the ceiling and back wall while covering the side walls with dark colors will give the appearance of narrow spaces.

Get Premium Quality Cladding

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