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Cladding is the process of layering or covering features of a building, such as walls, parapets, and facades. Exterior cladding not only enhances a building’s appearance but also protects against rain, dust, heat, and storms. High-pressure laminate wall panels are among architects’ top choices for exterior wall cladding materials. By experimenting with different cladding orientations, tones, textures, and species, you can create a unique and aesthetically pleasing design that suits your building’s style and purpose. Here, we discuss four exterior wall cladding ideas to make your construction projects stand out.

Mixed Cladding Orientation

A mixed cladding orientation offers an elegant and organized aesthetic appeal, providing a smooth and clean finished appearance. You can try various orientations for installing exterior wall panels, such as vertical panels on the front portico and horizontal or diagonally placed panels on side walls.

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Mixed Tones of Grey

Using mixed grey tones is becoming popular for embellishing exterior surfaces like facades, roofs, and side walls. Subtle grayscale tones add a natural, eccentric, and weathered feel, making them ideal for commercial properties such as theme-based restaurants, art galleries, and museums.

Multi-specie feature wall

Exterior accent or feature walls enhance a building’s exterior look through unique textures, colors, or designs. Using exterior compact wall panels of different timber species can make your property stand out. You can try various combinations of tree species with contrasting textures and color tones, or combine multi-species texture with mixed orientation cladding to create an abstract design that enhances your exterior accent walls’ aesthetic appeal.

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Tropical Tree Species

Utilizing tropical tree species for exterior surfaces adds a rich and vibrant touch to your building exteriors. Teak and Wenge are two popular exotic tropical species with a rich brown texture, renowned for their unique patterns that make exterior surfaces visually appealing. 

Final Word

Greenlam Clads is among the top names in providing premium interior and exterior-grade wall panels that come in a wide range of exotic tree species such as Walnut, Oak, and Wenge. Leveraging extensive R&D and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, our exterior wall panels are exceptionally durable, require minimal upkeep, and come with various additional attributes such as anti-dust and anti-graffiti properties. To discuss your requirements and learn more about our HPL cladding catalogue, call our toll-free number 1800-833-0004 or email You can also fill out our contact form, and we will respond at the earliest.

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