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Ventilated facades are one of the top choices among architects and homeowners thanks to their aesthetic appeal, weather resistance, and high acoustic and thermal isolation. The facades generally have interior and exterior layers of cladding that are separated by an air cavity. The external layer of cladding works as protection gear against rain and wind and the air cavity maintains heat isolation and prevents moisture buildup. Given the multitude of functions of ventilated facades in protecting a property, it is important to choose a high-performance  facade cladding material such as HPL to ensure reliability and durability. Continuing further, let’s look at some of the reasons why hpl cladding is an ideal choice for ventilated facades. Read on!

1. Easy Installation

Unlike other types of cladding material such as timber and stone, HPL cladding is extremely easy to install. It is laminated into a composite panel that can work with a wide range of glue or adhesives. It can easily stick to MDF or particleboard and offers a hassle-free application on facades.

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2. Fire Retardance & Impact Resistance

HPL cladding is manufactured through thermosetting that helps to create irreversible and strong bonds, resulting in increased strength, stability, and resistance to fire and impact. Besides, thermosetting makes hpl cladding tough, resistant to abrasion, and non-flammable. All these factors make high-pressure laminate one of the top choices for both interior and exterior cladding.

3. All-weather Performance

The physical and chemical properties of hpl cladding make it extremely non-reactive and stable. Besides, it is insoluble and non-corrosive in water. All these properties make it resistant to all weather conditions such as rain, moisture, and extreme heat.

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4. Low Maintenance

Unlike other facade cladding materials such as stone and timber, HPL is extremely light-weight, which is why it can easily be installed and transported from one place to another. It is also weather and abrasion-resistant and doesn’t require heavy maintenance, polishing, and cleaning for a long time.

5. Superior Aesthetic Appeal

HPL laminates are available in a multitude of color and design options that can suit every requirement and decor while enhancing the look and feel of the place. The sheets are made by sandwiching a printed decor paper over a kraft paper under high pressure and heat. While the kraft paper ensures sturdiness and durability, the decor paper offers creative freedom in terms of color, design, and other elements.

Wrap Up

HPL cladding offers high performance and great aesthetic appeal. It is one of the best choices if you are looking for a surfacing solution characterized by easy installation, low maintenance, and protection against UV rays. We have a range of HPL facade cladding solutions that are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. To discuss your requirements or learn more about available hpl exterior cladding options, call +91 11 4279 1399 or write to us at You can also fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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