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There are many elements that go into renovating a home. One important area on which to focus is the outer walls. Exterior walls are the face of your home and no renovation project can be considered complete without giving them a new lease of life. As walls are exposed 24X7 to different environmental conditions, it always helps to install an extra layer of protection, such as wall cladding. Let us have a look at 3 things you should look for when buying exterior wall cladding for your home.


Wall cladding serves two major purposes, the primary one being protection against weather damage. Cladding acts as a second layer of protection for your walls against heat, dust, rain, and snow. Greenlam exterior cladding is manufactured using GLE Technology, which ensures exceptional performance against the elements. Other performance-related features include resistance to stains, scratches, surface wear, and cracks. 

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Alluring Visual Appearance

You also need to consider the aesthetic factor when choosing exterior wall cladding for your home. Exterior wall cladding can significantly enhance the aesthetics of any home when you choose the right design. You can go creative with the design such as by going for a blend of designs for the facade to bring out your style. Whatever your design choices, you are guaranteed a premium visual appearance. 

Ease of Maintenance 

While cladding presents an effective way to renovate your home’s exteriors, you don’t want to choose a design that demands lots of maintenance. This is another aspect wherein HPL wall cladding panels come to the rescue. The cladding requires little to no maintenance to retain its aesthetic appeal over many years.

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Greenlam Clads presents a stylish and modern way to upgrade your exteriors. We offer façade solutions in a variety of patterns, styles, and colours. Wall cladding is a popular choice for many as, unlike painting or tiling – you can simply apply it on top of an existing wall, roof, or any other exterior structure. To get answers to all your questions about wall cladding, whether interior wall cladding for commercial spaces or exterior wall cladding for both commercial and residential buildings, call +91-11-4279-1399 or fill up our Contact Form. You can also email

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