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High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) cladding is a top choice among architects for enhancing the exterior surfaces of buildings. These laminate wall panels can be used for various applications such as soffits, balcony parapets, and fences. However, each application has specific installation guidelines that need to be followed. In this blog, we present a concise guide for HPL cladding installation.


Parapets are the outermost walls that perimeter the roof of buildings, providing additional protection and aesthetic appeal. Here are Greenlam’s HPL cladding installation guidelines for parapets:

a. The height of the balcony parapet should comply with local construction regulations and should not be less than 1.00 metres.

b. For buildings over 12 meters, this specification should be at least 1.10 meters high.

c. For open parapet corners, it is advisable to position the front panel over the side panels to reveal the natural colour of the board of its vertical edges.

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Balcony, Soffits, and Sunshades

Consider the following installation guidelines for HPL cladding for balconies, soffits, and sunshades:

a. Mid-Joining Cladding Detail: An aluminium box section of 38 mm x 75 mm should be placed between the cladding and the ceiling surface. It is advisable to use rivets on the exterior surface of the laminate wall cladding.

b. Corner Detail: For this application, the sectional area of the aluminium box should be 38 mm x 38 mm with just a single rivet on the exterior surface of the cladding.

Boundary Walls and Fences

Installing HPL cladding along the surfaces of the boundary wall and fences can be challenging and requires utmost precision. This includes:

a. Placing two cladding units perpendicularly along the boundary wall or fence, leaving a gap of 6 mm between the open ends of the cladding (called the L-section Aluminium profile).

b. The sectional area of the aluminium box, for both the cladding units, should be 38 mm x 38 mm.

c. Similar to parapets, the cladding units will be attached to the wall surface with “bracketed fasteners”.

Screening and Partitions

When it comes to installing laminate wall panels for screening and partitions, consider the given guidelines:

a. There are two types of aluminium boxes that will be used – The rectangular box (38 mm x 75 mm) and the Square box (38 mm x 38 mm).

b. These boxes should not contain any nuts and bolts (unlike the aforementioned guidelines).

c. It is advisable to use two and four rivets for the square aluminium box and rectangular box, respectively.

About Greenlam Clads

Greenlam Clads is a leading manufacturer of exterior & interior grade compact laminates, including world-class HPL cladding for both interior and exterior applications. We leverage extensive R&D and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce high-quality laminate wall panels that help embellish the aesthetics, provide excellent surface protection, and are highly durable. To discuss your requirements, call 1800 833 0004 or email at Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form, and we will respond at the earliest.

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