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Who could have thought that exteriors could be made so beautiful, so enthralling? Greenlam thought, and worked on the idea of beautifying homes beyond words. The result is now out – in the form of ‘Clads’!

Clads are specially engineered exterior grade compact laminates that can easily be applied on the outer surfaces of homes and/or offices. To make sure they stay intact for years, Greenlam put GLE TECHNOLOGY to work, which makes these laminates fade resistant, weather proof, and fire resistant. What’s more, you get 10 years of warranty on Greenlam Clads, along with the quality trust that naturally comes with anything associated with the Greenlam brand.

SIX REASONS you should get your exteriors Greenlam Clads –

i) Superior manufacturing process with GLA technology

ii) Light fastness property

iii) Fire retardant

iv) Environment friendly green DNA

v) 10 year warranty

vi) Exclusive range

Woods, Abstracts, Solid, pick what you like –

You’ll feel like spoilt for choices when you pick Clads from Greenlam. Woods, Abstracts, Solid, we have it all for your exteriors.

Wood has a charm of its own. And Greenlam has a selection of colors and finishes under this category. Heather Pine, Innate Wenge, Enigma, Coral Streak, Smoldered Wood, and Lorraine Walnut are among the options.

If Abstracts excite you, pick Cementrio, Holocaust, Eldorado, Metropolitan, Citron Stone, or Lava Stone.

We also have a great range of colors and finishes that belong to the category of Solid. Pick Clear White, Oyster, Murky Grey, Choco Brown, or Vermilion Red to add colors to your exteriors.

For more on Greenlam Clads and what makes them so exciting, visit here Greenlam Clads

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