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The real estate market may have its share of ups and downs, but those who know how to tame the tides always have something or the other up their sleeves. Ask any contractor, builder, or construction company, and they would say that exterior wall cladding is one such tool. Besides offering exceptional appearance, wall claddings also go a long way in protecting the structural integrity of your building. The result, of course, reflects in its market value. Read on as we present a brief overview of how wall claddings help improve the market value of your property.

Improves the Curb Appeal

If you believe your house is an asset, then taking care of it should be your top priority. One way of doing that is ensuring your house maintains a great appeal inside-out. It is important that your house looks lovely on the outside so as to give a good first impression. Installing exterior wall cladding is one way to do so. It gives an elegant appeal to your property. You can take your pick from a variety of cladding options, featuring a spectrum of colors, textures, and designs. Greenlam Clads’s exterior wall cladding comes with an array of designs, colors, and finishes to help you create an appealing environment around your property.

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Reduces Maintenance Costs

No one wants to buy a property that will stress them out with incessant costs of repairs. So always make sure that you have all major repairs done before you put your property on the market. Besides having all the major components of the property fixed, you could also replace some expensive features with much affordable ones. These features include vinyl siding in place of high maintenance wood siding or hardwood floors in place of carpets that are easily stained and are difficult to clean.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Cladding also acts as a protective layer added on walls to insulate them from environmental factors such as rain, sun, cold, and physical wear and tear. Exterior wall cladding materials have an excellent UV performance, they reflect the sun’s radiation and thermal conductivity to reduce the loss of heat from walls during winter.

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Wrap Up

When buying exterior wall cladding, it is important that you consider choosing a reliable material that comes with a comprehensive warranty. Reputable brands such as Greenlam Clads, have on offer an array of exterior wall cladding designs, colors, and finishes to help you increase a building’s market value. If you have any questions about exterior wall cladding and materials. Simply call +91 11 4279 1399, or write to us at

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