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A great way to appreciate the role of exterior wall cladding is by looking at it as a layer of extra protection and skin to a building’s exterior. Apart from aesthetic appeal, exterior wall cladding also provides several benefits including thermal insulation and weather resistance. This helps in improving the overall appearance, function, and life of a building. When it comes to cladding, a wide range of materials are used including brick, wood, vinyl, metal, and composite material. Greenlam Clads offers superior quality exterior wall cladding for a host of applications. Here is a look at what sets Greenlam cladding apart from other cladding options. Let’s find out.

The Basics

Cladding must possess certain desirable characteristics such as durability, resistance to the elements, and aesthetic appeal. Greenlam Clads’ GLE technology allows our cladding to go above and beyond your expectations. It is manufactured using laminates that can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it perfect for external walls. However, the list of GLE Technology advantages does not stop there. Here are three pillars that support GLE Technology and help Greenlam Clads manufacture high-quality cladding. Read on.

1. Superior Manufacturing Process

Greenlam Clads employs cutting edge technology, follows the highest manufacturing standards, and uses superior quality materials to give you premium quality cladding that boasts:

i) High bonding strength

ii) Mechanical sturdiness

iii) Withstands splintering

iv) Easy machinability

v) Exhibits excellent fire retarding properties

vi) Possesses high dimensional stability

vii) EN ISO 178 high impact resistance certified

viii) EN ISO 178 high bending resistance certified

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2. Special Décor Paper

External wall cladding is lightweight allowing it to escape the constant pull of gravity when it is installed on walls. High bonding strength counterbalances the lightweight nature of the cladding.

Greenlam uses a special décor paper that is:

i) Made using light stable pigments and special inks and chemicals.

ii) Rated 7-8 on the blue wool scale and 3-5 on the grey wool scale, making it ideal for exterior use.

iii) (EN-438-2) lightfastness certified.

3. Special Protective Film

Another great characteristic of Greenlam cladding is that it has protective properties. This helps make sure that the cladding keeps its shine for long. Some of the notable protective features of our exterior cladding include:

i) Extreme stability against harsh weather conditions.

ii) Excellent protection against UV rays.

iii) Resistance to chemicals.

iv) High anti-soiling properties.

v) Resistance to scratching.

vi) Resistance to corrosion.

vii) High anti-static properties.

viii) Resistance to frost.

ix) Resistance to acid rain.

x) Easy cleaning and maintenance.

Wrap Up

When considering whether or not to install exterior wall cladding, it is important to look beyond aesthetic appeal. You must also pay attention to the functional aspects that HPL exterior claddings bring to the table. Browse through the available options to discover the best exterior wall cladding for your requirements. To discuss with our sales team and get assistance with your requirements, simply fill out our Contact Form or call us at +91 11 4279 1399.

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