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With exceptional durability and an array of design and colour options, HPL cladding, one of the most popular types of wall cladding, is an ideal surfacing material for both exterior and interior use. HPL cladding gives your structure a protective “skin” while giving it an elegant appeal. If you wish to create a unique look, select a solid color or an attractive stone finish, or talk to a product specialist at Greenlam Clads. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we cover some exciting new trends in the world of HPL cladding. Read on.

What’s Hot?

While you may not immediately think of “trends” when considering the external appearance of your home or workplace, it’s definitely time to adopt that train of thought. One of the prominent trends is careful selection of materials, paired with attention to details during installation. The goal is to minimise waste and optimize efficiency, while cutting the time and money needed to maintain the building’s exteriors.

Consider as well the narrowing gap between where people live and where they work. Not only are individuals following a more flexible work schedule, they want their workplace to reflect personal tastes. This extends to making commercial buildings attractive and comfortable, inside and out. Builders, designers, and architects who focus on these trends will see their success increase, as those buildings become very popular.

More individuals are expressing interest in living and working in buildings that provide “personality” and comfortable environment, whether it’s a restaurant, an exercise gym, or a place to relax and read, such as a library. Not only will the right choice of laminate wall panels help make your building more attractive to the passer-by, blending certain designs into a building will make it more enjoyable for the occupants.

Open Plan

Open-plan workspaces and living areas are trending for commercial and residential properties, by seamlessly integrating the inside with the outside. Most people understand how architecture and construction have changed through the years with the availability of new materials and new technology. By carefully selecting HPL cladding options, you can give the exterior of your building the desired look, whereas high-quality interior laminate wall panels will help you create the desired look and feel in the interiors of the building.

Start Your Trend with Greenlam Clads!

Give your building a modern facade and enjoy the enduring quality that characterizes internal and external cladding materials from Greenlam Clads. Discuss your requirements with us to learn how our cladding can help manifest your design objectives. Take a few minutes now to browse our interior and exterior collections, or call us at +91 11 4279 1399. You can also write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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