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HPL cladding are durable and decorative outer coverings used on walls and building surfaces. Also called compact laminate wall panels, HPL cladding are gaining popularity all across the world because of their aesthetics, durability and easy installation. They can make your home or office look like a piece of artwork and at the same time make the walls more weather resistant, fire retardant and durable. Greenlam Clads offers you a wide range of HPL exterior cladding that you can choose for your house or office. If you want to know why you should choose Greenlam Clads HPL cladding, below are a few important points.

1. Decorate your walls the way you want

Choosing to paint your house or office is clich├ęd nowadays. Although paint jobs are economical, they can be messy and you might not get the desired result. Paint fumes are toxic and harmful for your health too. The best alternative to painting is HPL cladding, which allows you to choose amidst designs and decorate your walls exactly the way you want. Greenlam Clads has a large and unique collection of designs for exterior walls from where you can choose yours.

2. Enhance the durability of your walls

Just making your walls look classy and elegant is not enough. Walls have to be resistant to adverse weather and conditions. Greenlam Clads only offers you the best HPL claddings which are fire retardant, weather resistant and extra durable. Our advanced GLE technology makes our products impact resistant, warp resistant, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, frost resistant, acid rain resistant, and weather resistant. No paint job can offer your walls the same durability that our HPL cladding can.

3. Warranty and green credential

Greenlam Clads offers you 12 years warranty for color fastening. Our cladding have antibacterial surface.

4. Wide range of designs

Greenlam Clads has a diverse collection of unique designs for you to select from. We offer you HPL exterior claddings in 29 unique designs options in three thickness options; 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. In addition, our catalogue features more than 100 designs for interior grade claddings in two thickness options; 4mm and 6mm.

Wrap Up

HPL claddings are becoming a trendy choice in new homes and offices. Greenlam Clads offers you the best cladding in the market, which are unique in design and properties. Our cladding can make the exterior of your house or office exactly like you dreamed of and at the same time make your walls more durable than ever. Re-decorate your walls with our premium grade HPL cladding and show the world your elegance. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our HPL exterior cladding, simply call +91-11-4279-1399, or write to us at

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