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The terms cladding and facade are often incorrectly used interchangeably. While the words are related, they don’t refer to the same thing. To clear up some of the confusion regarding this topic, today we’re exploring what the difference is between exterior wall cladding and facade.

Defining Exterior Wall Cladding and Facades

Let’s get started by defining both terms. Facade refers to the main exterior design of a home or property, usually its front part facing an open space or the street. When we talk about a facade cladding, it refers to the external appearance of a building. Mostly, the term is used when making reference to design, style or color. External cladding, on the other hand, refers to an external protective layer that protects and beautifies a building envelope. There are countless exterior wall cladding designs from which to choose while a building can only have one facade. In a way, both terms allude to a building’s exterior.

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How Exterior Wall Cladding Designs Impact a Property’s Facade

1. Exterior cladding on the other hand refers to the use of panels that protect and insulate a building’s wall. Adding cladding to your property boosts its durability and resistance to the elements. Rather than having your property face the elements unshielded, facade cladding materials can help take on some of the damage. Built to interact with harsh weather conditions, our clads will protect your home or business from water, wind, UV-ray and pollution damage. Even better, thanks to their superior technology, their color and finish will persist as beautifully as the day it was installed.

2. Exterior cladding can also make a property more visually attractive.  Exterior wall cladding designs are beautiful and come in many options to match every unique requirement. Installing exterior wall cladding is a great way to uplift your commercial property’s facade or entire exterior appearance.

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3. Besides beautifying your exteriors, Greenlam Clads protect the integrity and well-being of your property on a structural level.

4. Additional features such as fire retardancy, light fastness property, 10 year warranty etc. makes our cladding materials the best choice for any type of building.

Let’s Talk Exterior Wall Cladding Designs

Transform the aesthetics of your commercial property and get a whole range of other benefits. Greenlam Laminates is a leading manufacturer of premium quality interior and exterior cladding materials. Learn more about available exterior wall cladding designs by contacting us at 1800 833 0004 or write to us

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