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Gone are the days when wallpapers and stones were the only way to adorn the walls of a property. With advancements in the construction and interior industries, cladding have emerged as the next big thing in decor. While you can always count on Greenlam Clads to provide you with a wide spectrum of breathtaking interior cladding to build walls, you might want to know why an increasing number of designers and architects are turning to laminate wall cladding. That’s exactly what we answer in this post. Read on.


Many architects and designers who want to enhance the decor of a property turn to stone decoration, but that usually costs a fortune. The biggest perk of using laminate wall cladding is their easy affordability. Laminate cladding help you create an elegant and classy appeal in your living spaces without having to break the bank.


Limited variety can really get to your nerves if you wish to explore an array of options before making a decision about the decor of any space. Whether you are planning to redo a reception area, waiting lounge, lobby, or restroom, you can choose from a variety of designs, colours, and textures for all areas of your property.


Laminate cladding help you turn your creativity into reality. All you need to do is decide on a texture, design, color and the appearance you want. The cladding can be customized accordingly. You can opt for a plane jane look or mix and match different styles, according to your taste. You can also use different designs to create intriguing patterns.


Durability is the most vital factor we all look for while making any purchase. Interior wall cladding ensure that you get full value for your money. They are not easily damaged and even if something unforeseen occurs, the repairs cost much less as compared to other types of walls. Moreover, they are also resistant to scratches, which makes them perfect for commercial establishments.


Do you know that the material we choose for decor can affect our overall health? That’s right. If a surface tends to attract dirt, disease-causing germs will accumulate. With laminate wall cladding, this issue doesn’t persist, as they are remarkably easy to clean. You also don’t need to worry about staining as anything dropped on the surface can easily be wiped off.

Wrap Up

Laminate wall cladding, can be the best option for your decor giving it an amazing look with enhanced protection for years. If you are wondering about where to begin, Greenlam Clads has got the perfect solution for you. With the sole aim to make your lifestyle better, we offer a wide range of interior cladding that can be used to make enigmatic walls complementing all sorts of decors. To discuss your requirement or learn more about any of our products, simply call +91 11 4279 1399 or write to us at

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