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Stone and high pressure Laminates are two types of cladding used to protect and give your property’s interior and exterior walls a makeover. While stone is more of a traditional material, most people today look towards HPL cladding for their commercial property needs. HPL helps enhance both the interiors as well as the exterior of your property, thanks to its high performance and stunning aesthetic appeal. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we compare the two materials and discuss their suitability with relevance to purpose. Read on.

1. Texture and Finish

High-pressure laminates tend to have a smooth and even finish while stone cladding entails detailing and a non-uniform finish. HPL is far more diverse in terms of colours and designs like metal and wood than stone cladding. The texture is even and soft in the case of HPL while stone cladding is rough. The appeal of stone cladding is natural while HPL tends to look urban. However, you can find options that replicate the look and feel of stone and give you a range of other benefits that you won’t find with stone cladding.

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2. Weight and Thickness

HPL is a versatile surfacing option that is about 6 to 12mm thick and moderately heavy (1000kg). An advantage of this material is that they can be used in earthquake-prone areas as well especially because they are known to minimize damage and prevent injury, while stone cladding comprises multiple layers, (12-20mm thick) making it distinctly thicker(2500kg) unsuitable for earthquake prone locations .

3. Weather Resistance

While stone cladding is weather resistant and fire retardant, high-pressure laminates perform more efficiently in changing weather conditions, unlike most materials that get cold in winter and hot in summer. HPL is reliable as it has waterproof sealants to prevent changes due to weather, offering stability and unmatched resilience. High-pressure laminates are adaptable and sturdy while stone cladding is comparatively susceptible to damage.

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4. Cleaning and Maintenance

High-pressure laminates are extremely easy to maintain. Stains are easily removable when compared to stone cladding as all that is required is periodic cleaning with a liquid cleaner and sponge. Stone cladding entails a detailed cleaning process when compared to HPL which demands minimum effort to maintain its shine.

The Final Word

When choosing a wall cladding solution, practicality and aesthetics are the two factors you must consider. HPL cladding gives you the best of both worlds and even more by way of variety, affordability, and easy installation. Greenlam Clads offers an extensive collection of  exterior and interior wall cladding solutions in a range of colour and design options. If you have any questions about our wall cladding solutions or would like to discuss your requirements, call us on our toll-free number 1800 833 0004. To know more, email us at

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