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Any commercial or residential property entails a big investment. Besides providing you an instant use, real estate holds great potential for future times. Any dollar invested in improving your house or commercial establishment is a dollar invested in added property value, as well as in your current personal living quality or business success.

Exterior Cladding: The Best Investment You Can Make!

Whether you are working on a new home/office or remodeling an old property, exterior cladding is an investment you should prioritize. Cladding has both a functional and aesthetic use, which makes it one of the most important aspects of your property.

Exterior wall cladding material contributes immensely to keeping your property in prime condition through the passage of time. High quality, durable cladding material guard your home or commercial space against the constant threats of elements like rain, hail, wind, and sun etc. which are capable of deteriorating your property and damaging your interiors.

If you want your property’s structure to prevail unharmed and conserve value, don’t let the weather take a toll on your property assets. Protect the places you care the most about with the best exterior wall cladding materials.

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The Best Exterior Wall Cladding Material

When it comes to your home or business property, you should invest your money in nothing but the best. And when we are talking about exterior cladding: compact laminate is the way to go. Greenlam’s exterior grade laminates are as durable as they come. Being fire retardant, low-maintenance, and fade-resistant; there’s no more one could ask for!

Greenlam’s exterior grade compact laminates come with an unmatched GLE Technology that makes them resistant to fading, microbial threats, extreme weather and fire, making them ideal for your property’s exterior, and we are confident enough in our products to offer our customers a 10-year guarantee.

With our premium exterior laminate cladding, not only can you protect your property but also improve it aesthetically.

Well crafted exterior laminates can have an enormous visual impact over your home or commercial space. And the design options are truly endless! Greenlam’s exterior laminates are available in various colors and thicknesses. We also work with complimenting hardware to provide you with a unified look. Even better, our laminates possess anti-graffiti properties, so that your home or workplace looks it best at all times. No matter what you are looking for, it can be done!

Another great advantage of Greenlam’s exterior laminates is their antibacterial property. Our laminates have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial surfaces which will keep your facade look pristinely conserved.

The Final Word

At Greenlam Clads, we are ready to help you take your property’s exterior to the next level by helping you find the best exterior laminate for your residential or commercial space. Dream big and let us make your vision a reality! To learn more about our interior or exterior wall cladding materials, write to us at or simply call +91-11-4279-1399.

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