Exterior Cladding / Wall Cladding

4 Reasons HPL is a Viable Alternative to Wooden Wall Cladding

Wooden wall cladding has been a sought-after solution that architects and designers have been adopting to improve the aesthetic appeal and boost the overall structural integrity. That said, wooden wall cladding came with its own problems and disadvantages that were hard to ignore. Starting from the poor performance against water, moisture, and humidity to requiring […]

Exterior Cladding / Wall Cladding

What Is The Difference Between Exterior Cladding and A Facade?

The terms cladding and facade are often incorrectly used interchangeably. While the words are related, they don’t refer to the same thing. To clear up some of the confusion regarding this topic, today we’re exploring what the difference is between exterior wall cladding and facade. Defining Exterior Wall Cladding and Facades Let’s get started by defining […]

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4 Trends in Exterior Wall Cladding Designs You Should Know

The design, manufacturing, and underlying technology of wall cladding solutions has greatly evolved over time. Apart from features such as moisture resistance, all-weather performance, and longevity, new requirements such as environmental friendliness and energy efficiency have also become the need of the hour. Addressing the changing needs, Greenlam Clads manufactures cutting-edge wall cladding solutions made […]

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