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High Pressure Laminates cladding, or HPL Cladding for short, is a highly durable and aesthetically appealing exterior surfacing material widely used in upscale residential and commercial properties. Available in a variety of colors, designs and wood grain finishes, HPL cladding is known to be highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, scratches, and solvents, which make it the go-to surfacing material for architects and designers working on premium projects. To help you select the best HPL cladding for your property, in this blog we list the certifications to look for when shortlisting your options. Take a look.


The FSC® certification is awarded by the Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international non-profit organization that promotes the world forest management interests. The FSC® certified products are labeled as eco-friendly. Global warming and climate destruction are more severe than ever right now. FSC® certification ensures the safety of your wall along with the safety of our environment. Greenlam Clad provides FSC® certified HPL cladding.


Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is a certification of a similar line to FSC®, which works to promote sustainable forest resource management. Greenlam Clads has gained PEFC certification for our awareness towards forest preservation, As a part of our unwavering commitment towards the preservation of environment, we plant ten saplings for every tree that we use for production.


Institute of Marketecology awards – IMO is given to eco-friendly products. HPL claddings from Greenlam Clads have the IMO certification along with the FSC® and PEFC certificates. Our claddings are eco-friendly and highly durable that ensures long-term use without any harm to the environment.

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The NSF certification is awarded by the National Sanitation Foundation, which ensures the sanitation and safety requirements of products. We are proud to say that our products are safe for use and NSF certified.

Green Label

Green Label Certification is granted to companies that make products with low emissions and low toxicity. The Singapore Environment Council has granted Greenlam Clads company the Green Label Certification.

Wrap Up

HPL cladding is currently one of the best choices available to architects, designers, developers and homeowners who are looking for an exterior surfacing material. If you are also planning to use HPL cladding in your project, look no further than Greenlam Clads. To discuss your requirements, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at

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