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Exterior Compact Grade Laminate or Aluminium Composite Panel: Which Wall Cladding to Choose?

In the world of exterior design, the aesthetic appeal of a facade is paramount. Wall panels, with their diverse designs, patterns, and materials, have become a popular choice for enhancing the exterior look of buildings. Two such materials that often come up in discussions are Exterior Compact Grade Laminate and Aluminium Composite Panel. Both have unique […]

Aesthetic and functional benefits of wall cladding installation from Greenlam Clads Wall Cladding

Health Benefits of Installing HPL Wall Cladding

The choice of the right type of cladding is crucial to enhance the beauty and functionality of your space. HPL wall cladding has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its exceptional properties. Not only can this type of cladding enhance the visual appeal of your space, but it can also offer numerous health benefits. It […]

HPL cladding wall panels from Greenlam Clads HPL Cladding

HPL Cladding Installation Guidelines for Different Areas

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) cladding is a top choice among architects for enhancing the exterior surfaces of buildings. These laminate wall panels can be used for various applications such as soffits, balcony parapets, and fences. However, each application has specific installation guidelines that need to be followed. In this blog, we present a concise guide for HPL cladding […]

HPL cladding panels from Greenlam Clads HPL Cladding

HPL Cladding: How is it Made?

During the last couple of decades, HPL cladding, also known as laminate wall panels, has emerged as the preferred choice of developers and property owners alike, thanks to the various benefits it offers. Besides giving structures a premium look and making them stand out, HPL cladding also protects them from extreme weather conditions, thereby helping […]

HPL wall panels from Greenlam Clads HPL Cladding

Important Recommendations When Working with Greenlam HPL Wall Panels

Compact wall panels are an excellent surfacing material if you are looking to enhance your building exteriors and protect them against dust, storms, and rain. Greenlam Clads, a leading provider of compact wall panels, offers a complete range of HPL cladding to help you embellish both the interiors (interior accent walls) and exteriors (facades, balconies, side walls, […]

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