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As a property owner, you would have probably heard about wall panels and their various benefits. Besides having the potential to completely transform the look of your property, claddings go a long way in enhancing its energy efficiency and overall market value. Many people, however, still wonder whether they should go ahead with the investment. This doubt often stems from a lack of information and understanding about wall claddings. To help clear the air, in this post, we answer some frequently asked questions about wall cladding. Read on.

How to select the right wall panels for a building?

When selecting wall panels for your property, the most important thing to keep in mind is the place of application. Different wall panels provide varying levels of durability and surface protection, and can have different features. For your wall panels to endure possible damage and maintain their good looks, choosing the right wall panels is a must. Additionally, wall panels are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Your final choice, therefore, should also complement the overall decor and theme of your property.

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How do wall claddings protect a property?

Wall panels act as a protective layer shielding your property from age-induced blemishes and wear and tear. The more damage resistance your wall clads are, the more effective they will be at protecting your property. High-quality wall panels are usually coated with a special protective film that provides them with great stability and endurance, even in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, some wall panels also come with UV protection, anti-graffiti property, and corrosion resistance.

Which is the best type of wall cladding?

Wall claddings can be made of different materials through different manufacturing processes, resulting in different attributes and properties. However, it would be safe to say that high-pressure laminate claddings (HPL claddings) provide the highest level of resistance to surface damage, humidity and abrasion, making them one of the most widely used options for both interior and exterior applications.

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What all aesthetics can be achieved with wall panels?

When it comes to wall panels, there are various looks that you can achieve. Being available in an array of color and design options, wall claddings help you create almost any exterior appeal you desire. From an ultra-modern look to traditional wood finishes, everything is possible. Greenlam Clads offers an extensive range of wall claddings in different style options such as wood, stone and solid colors.

The Last Word

The information provided in this article should help you choose the right wall panels for your project. If you have more questions about wall panels or would like expert advice to choose the right wall panels for your project, the team at Greenlam Clads will be happy to help. Contact us by calling +91 11 4279 1399 or +91 11 4950 1499 or write to us at

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