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High-pressure laminate wall panels are one of the most common forms of cladding. They are manufactured by putting together multiple layers of kraft with thermosetting resin and fusing them together with high pressure, heat, and sometimes chemicals that can make them resistant to fire. HPL cladding comes in a wide range of colors and designs. It is an environmentally friendly solution for commercial property as they do not release any toxic fumes which can be a health and environmental hazard. Continuing further, let’s look at answers to some commonly asked questions about hpl wall cladding materials. Read on!

1. What are High-Pressure Laminate Made of?

Hpl sheets are made of 60-70 percent paper kraft and 30-40 percent of thermosetting resins. The inner layers of paper in the hpl sheet are infused with phenolic resin and the outer paper layers with melamine. The layers of paper and resins are bonded together by applying five MPa of pressure and 120 degrees celsius heat for around 50 minutes.

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2. What is the Difference Between Excellent & Low Quality HPL Sheets?

Hpl cladding, when bought from a reputed dealer such as Greenlam, is high quality and resistant to normal wear and tear, scratching, heat, water, fire, stains, and light as they are manufactured using cutting-edge GLE technology. On the other hand, low-quality hpl sheets have poor resistance to all the above-mentioned factors as they are made from inferior quality raw materials and manufacturing processes. The minimum functional and performance requirements for hpl cladding are according to European Standard EN 438.

3. What are the Properties of High Pressure Laminate Sheets?

1. Impact and scratch resistance
2. Lightfastness
3. Easy to maintain and clean
4. Heat resistance
5. Safe and hygienic
6. Environment Friendly
7. Safe if contacted with eatables
8. Cost-effective
9. Wide range of colors and designs
10. Unmatched aesthetic appeal
11. Durability

4. Are all HPL Sheets Resistant to Moisture, Water, and Heat?

High quality high-pressure laminate wall panels from Greenlam are characterized by exceptional toughness, resistance to scratching, heat, moisture, impact, chemicals, and abrasion. The laminate surfaces can protect surfaces from the elements for a long time compared to any other substitute. They are also easy to maintain and clean.

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5. Do HPL Sheets Meet International Standards?

All hpl cladding from Greenlam Clads meets both European Standard EN 438 and ISO 4586, along with other international standards such as ISO 14001, PEFC, and FSC making them a perfect and reliable choice for myriad applications.

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Choose the most suitable hpl cladding from a wide range of designs and colors to bring out the desired decor. To get more hpl cladding ideas for your home, go through our catalogue and talk to our staff who can help you find the right laminate sheet for your requirements. For answers to all your questions, simply call +91-11-4279-1399 or write to us at

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