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Color choices for internal walls have a significant impact on the mood and productivity in the workplace according to various studies. Such information can be quite helpful when working on your decor and choosing the best HPL cladding. For example, a study focusing on the effects of wall colors in the hospital in 2012 found that the color white offers a clinical appearance, making people feel unwelcome and intimidated. Another study at the University of Rochester showed that the color red increases the intensity and speed of emotions, making people feel that everything is urgent and sometimes causing anxiety. That is why it is always to go for a color that brings out positivity and promotes the right energy. Let’s look at five hpl cladding colors that can improve positivity in the workplace. Read on!

1. Blue

The blue color stimulates the mind, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Many tones on the blue color palette including blue galaxy, blue bell, electric blue, and ozone can help employees stay focused and increase their work productivity. The color blue also brings to mind feelings of serenity and calmness and has a peaceful and tranquil effect that can help employees and clients remain calm and patient. Browse through our hpl wall cladding to explore available blue color tones. 

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2. Yellow 

4Yellow is one of the most recommended colors for creative industries as it stimulates emotion. It is intense, bright, and can quickly grab attention, which is why it can be used to highlight important stuff. Many tones such as divine yellow, light orange, and lime yellow can evoke happiness and brighten spirits, making employees enjoy their work.

3. Green

Green is regarded as the color of money as it evokes a feeling of calmness, reassurance, and balance. The color has a strong association with nature (lush green grass, forests, and trees), making you feel refreshed and tranquil. Its strong associations with nature make it a symbol of good luck, health, and peace. Green hpl cladding is quite common in financial institutions and other commercial spaces. 

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4. Brown

Brown works well in spaces that need an aura of strength and power. When brown laminate wall cladding is coupled with real wood office furniture, it can give the work environment nice warmth which has a positive impact on employees. You can also opt for hpl cladding color tones such as bavarian beach to offer a dark and bold look to spaces such as meeting rooms.

Wrap Up

Colors play a notable role in setting the tone and mood of work spaces. Opting for the right color tones helps you create a happy, energetic, welcoming, and positive environment. It can help improve work efficiency and the overall mood. Browse through available hpl cladding design options to find one that meets your branding and style requirements. To know more about Greenlam hpl wall cladding, call +91-11-4279-1399. You can also email

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