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Commercial spaces and high-traffic areas such as schools, multiplexes, and metro stations require heavy-duty solutions that stand the test of time. Greenlam Clads offers a range of interior wall cladding solutions, made from solid grade high-pressure compact laminates, giving them superior durability and lifespan. On top of offering aesthetically pleasing designs and a host of collections to choose from, our wall cladding material comes with anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we share five reasons to choose Greenlam’s interior wall cladding solutions. Read on. 

Abrasion & Impact Resistant 

Greenlam’s interior wall cladding solutions come with a thickness of nine millimeters, and are capable of withstanding heavy use over time. Public areas such as movie theaters, shopping complexes, and hospitals experience heavy footfall, making abrasion and impact resistance all the more important. Our wall cladding material provides resistance against bruising, scratching, and breakage, giving them longer lifespan over other interior surfacing solutions.

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Versatile Range of Options  

Starting from an extensive range of colors to different design systems, Greenlam offers smart solutions and versatile options. Buyers can choose between various patterns, colors, and finishes. All the colors displayed in our wall cladding collection can be availed in either suede or glass finish. Woods and patterns, on the other hand, are available in VRB and satin finishes on top of suede and gloss. 

Reinforced Support to Walls 

Our interior wall cladding solutions offer extra support to walls and contribute to the structural integrity of the property. Greenlam’s solutions come in three design systems– Alpha, Beta, and Zigma. Each of these design systems are created keeping the requirements of the walls on top of which the panels are installed. Our Alpha design system, for instance, is for installing panels behind bed walls of hotels or hospital rooms. The Beta design system, on the other hand, is for applications such as outpatient department walls in hospitals. Lastly, the Zigma design system is for corridors, for applications including covering the wall between windows and doors.

High Ease of Installation 

The aforementioned design systems come with different configurations, making the entire process of installation hassle-free and quick. All three design systems, Alpha, Beta, and Zigma, can be installed without skirting profiles, whereas Beta supports installation with a skirting profile as well. With an emphasis on ease of installation, our design systems give seamless integration into the walls and pristine look for the time to come. 

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Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing 

Greenlam is strongly committed to balancing economic incentives and social responsibility. All the surfacing solutions offered by Greenlam, including our different types of cladding materials, are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards. As a result of implementing sustainable manufacturing solutions, we have managed to save more than eight million liters of water and 80,000 kilowatt-hours of electrical energy in the last financial year alone.

About Greenlam Clads 

If you are on the lookout for reliable wall cladding for commercial areas and high-traffic environments, look no further. Greenlam Clads has an extensive collection of top-quality interior wall cladding panels with properties such as scratch, abrasion, and impact resistance. Our wall cladding comes with a 10-year warranty, standing as a testament to its unparalleled quality and performance. You can learn more about our range of wall cladding solutions by calling us on +91-11-4279-1399 or writing to us at

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