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The design, manufacturing, and underlying technology of wall cladding solutions has greatly evolved over time. Apart from features such as moisture resistance, all-weather performance, and longevity, new requirements such as environmental friendliness and energy efficiency have also become the need of the hour. Addressing the changing needs, Greenlam Clads manufactures cutting-edge wall cladding solutions made from advanced materials such as HPL laminates, giving you excellent aesthetics alongside great performance. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we share four trends in exterior wall cladding designs you should know. Take a look.

1. Need for Modern and Robust Materials

Gone are the days of plain old wood cladding or stone cladding solutions that tend to offer a great appeal, while lacking performance against moisture and humidity, resulting in poor protection against external elements and a weak facade. Modern wall cladding materials such as HPL laminates offer moisture resistance, UV-rays resistance, and anti-graffiti properties, giving them an edge over other wall cladding solutions.

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2. Increased Importance of Sustainable Solutions

The deteriorating climate and rising global warming has forced the world to shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly products. At such a juncture, manufacturers offering sustainable products with green credentials are now being increasingly preferred over others. Backed by numerous certifications such as FSC, IGBC, and ISO 14001:2015, Greenlam Clads follows eco-friendly practices in the making of its wall cladding solutions.

3. Requirement of Smart Features

Features such as moisture resistance, sturdiness, and all-weather performance have been widely offered by most cladding manufacturers. Smart features such as anti-graffiti property, anti-bacterial properties, and resistance to fading, however, aren’t found across all wall cladding solutions. Greenlam’s range of HPL wall cladding offers several smart features such as resistance to fungi and bacteria, colour fastening and anti-graffiti properties, among others.

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4. Easy Upkeep and Low Maintenance Needs

Exterior wall cladding is the face of any building. Be it a commercial or a residential one, the facade of every building needs to look aesthetically pleasing and must be able to maintain its good looks for time to come. Wall cladding solutions that have very low maintenance needs are widely favoured as they last longer without losing their sheen. HPL wall cladding requires minimum maintenance and retains its appeal for a long time.

Wrap Up

While the basic expectations from a wall cladding solution are high performance and great aesthetic appeal, there are several emerging needs that keep evolving with time. Known for easy installation procedure, low maintenance, moisture resistance, anti-bacterial properties, and protection against UV rays, among others, Greenlam’s range of HPL wall cladding solutions are ideal for both commercial and residential applications alike. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our products, simply call 1800 833 0004 or write to us at You can also fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.

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