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Exterior wall cladding is an additional layer to a building’s envelope that serves a dual purpose. It helps in protecting the interior of the building from the elements while also adding aesthetic beauty to the building. Although there are various types of cladding used for commercial applications such as wood and stone, High-Pressure Laminate or HPL cladding is increasingly becoming popular because of its superior attributes such as cost-effectiveness, unmatched aesthetic beauty, vast range of designs, and exceptional durability. When choosing exterior wall cladding for commercial buildings, the color should be considered carefully. In this blog, we discuss four tips that are helpful when choosing exterior wall cladding colors.

Consider Your Target Audience

Many times, potential customers form an opinion about a company based on the first impression. Things that come into play include the company logo, leadership, and even the external appearance of the offices. The external appearance also has an effect on prospective tenants in commercial spaces. It is important to convey a professional image when it comes to defining elements of a commercial building such as the color of the exterior wall cladding. Equally important when it comes to company-specific commercial spaces is paying attention to your target audience. For example, the older age group prefers slightly pale colors while the young are attracted to bright colors.

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Use Color Associations

Different colors are associated with different human emotions and have different effects on the brain. For example, green is associated with health, yellow is associated with optimism and the color blue is associated with stability. When choosing a wall cladding color for commercial buildings, pick a color that relates to your identity, products, or services, while keeping in mind established color associations.

Complement Your Business Logo & Colors

It is important to choose a wall cladding color that complements your business logo and corporate colors. Generally, light colors look professional and allow your logo to be clearly visible to existing and potential customers. Wall cladding color selection can also depend on the logo’s design and colors, not only in terms of color choice but the tone as well.

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Consider Local Regulations

You also need to consider local regulations when choosing a color for your building exteriors and elements such as wall cladding. Authorities may sometimes allow only certain colors and signage to be used on buildings in a specific area of the jurisdiction. You wouldn’t want to venture outside the law, which is why it makes sense to check out the local regulations before choosing the color of your exterior wall cladding.

Wrap Up

Greenlam Clads offers a vast range of HPL wall cladding across a variety of textures, finishes, and colors. Browse through our vast range of wall cladding to choose the design that goes with your décor theme. To learn more about available wall cladding designs or discuss your requirements, call +91-11-4279-1399 or email at

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