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Commercial establishments in the hospitality industry see high footfall in common areas. Passages, receptions, lifts and corridors are busy spots and hence require sturdy wall cladding to withstand traffic. High-Pressure laminates are durable wood fiberboards and sturdy resin surfaces manufactured at high pressure and temperature. HPL cladding is an ideal option in commercial establishments such as hospitals, railway stations and educational facilities. Greenlam Clads offers top-quality HPL cladding options across different designs and styles to complement the interior design theme of your project. Here are five reasons why HPL cladding is a preferred choice in the hospitality industry:

1. Antibacterial Properties 

Common areas in hotels are high-traffic zones. These busy spaces have many people coming in contact with surfaces every day. HPL cladding ensures that walls do not become a source of transmission of bacteria from one person to another. While there are 2 types of cladding – interior and exterior wall cladding, only the former comes with antibacterial properties for obvious reasons.

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2. Visual Appeal

Laminates are a visually appealing furnishing material that is available in myriad designs to go with different interior design themes. They can complement or transform the aesthetic appeal of interior spaces. The colour and design choices may also work to complement an establishment’s branding. 

3. Easy Maintenance 

Laminates do not wilt or warp with temperature changes. They are a weather-resistant surfacing material that is easy to maintain. High-quality HP Laminates can be wiped clean with a dry cloth to remove dust and debris. This helps bring down the overall cost of maintenance in the hospitality sector. 

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4. Fire Safety 

Hospitality industry spaces such as hotels and restaurants must adhere to high standards in fire safety. Out of all the types of cladding, High-Pressure laminates are an ideal wall cladding solution, as they present a variety of benefits and also have fire-retardant properties. HPL laminates are coated with chemicals that help resist ignition and prevent the emission of smoke in case of a fire outbreak. 

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Greenlam Clads is a leading wall cladding brand from Greenlam Industries that is known for manufacturing different types of wall cladding. We offer feature-rich high pressure laminate wall cladding that boasts moisture, abrasion and bacteria-resistance properties.Browse through our catalogue to discover the best wall cladding design for your hospitality establishment. Call +91 11 4950 1499 or e-mail us at  

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