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Creating stylish facades for modern buildings usually starts from the exterior. Though there are many surfacing materials that can be used on the exterior of a building, wall cladding stands out for a number of reasons. In addition to enhancing the appeal of your property, wall claddings also give a protective layer to its exterior walls. But that is not where the benefits end. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we present four reasons why you should consider using exterior wall cladding in your project. Take a look.

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

Also called compact panels, exterior wall claddings provide an external cover to the building, acting as an insulating shield that helps regulate the temperature inside the building. Whether it’s summer or winter, installing wall cladding increases the energy efficiency of your property, helping you save on energy costs while enhancing the overall comfort of the occupants.

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2. Protection against Exterior Elements

Installing exterior wall claddings help protect the property from exterior elements such as rain, hail, chemical pollution, sunlight, and dew. Exterior cladding also enhances the structural strength of the property, improving its resistance to surface cracks. This in turn reduces, and to a large extent eliminates, the need for repairs.

3. Reduction of External Noise

External noises can provide a hindrance at work and the experience of the occupants, especially if we talk about places such as cinema halls, recording studios, and office complexes. Exterior wall cladding made from premium materials helps reduce the penetration of external noises. Depending on the type of cladding material you choose, you can achieve varying degrees of sound isolation.

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4. Low Maintenance

Most types of external claddings do not require anything more than regular washing to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Exterior cladding provides enhanced, long-lasting protection at a minimal maintenance cost. If you are worried about the initial expense of installing wall cladding, bear in mind that their low maintenance, especially compared to alternatives such as paint, makes them a worthwhile investment

Wrap Up

When looking to buy exterior wall cladding, make sure you go with a leading brand such as Greenlam Clads. Available in a wide spectrum of options, our exterior cladding can help fulfil all your unique and innovative design aspirations. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our wall cladding options, talk to one of our experts by giving us a call at +91-11-4279-1399 or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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