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If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your interior spaces while adding an extra layer of protection, you cannot go wrong with laminate wall panels. Available in a multitude of colour and design options, laminate wall panels are the right balance between looks and functionality. Greenlam Clads, a brand of the surfacing solutions giant Greenlam Industries offers an exhaustive range of laminate wall panels in several colors and styles. To help you better appreciate the advantages of installing laminate wall panels, we’ve put together a simple list of four key benefits of installing laminate wall cladding. Read on.

1. Wide Selection

Unlike wood or glass panels, laminate wall panels are customisable and available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and decors. From the rustic solid grey to the royal walnut wood shade, Greenlam Clads range of laminate wall cladding are available in more than 20 decors. The wide selection offered by laminate wall panels allows you to create exquisite-looking interiors without breaking the bank.

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2. Sturdy and Durable

Made from superior-grade high-pressure compact laminates, Greenlam Clads laminate wall panels are both sturdy and durable. With features such as resistance against high impact, corrosion, moisture, and fire, laminate wall panels are a valuable investment for your properties. What’s more, decorative laminate wall cladding also comes with anti-microbial properties.

3. Low Maintenance

Common choices such as painted walls and wallpaper might come off as an attractive alternative to laminate wall cladding; however, they require continuous upkeep, making it burdensome and costly to maintain in the long run. Laminate wall panels, on the other hand, require minimal upkeep and are immune to scratches, abrasion, and other damage, making them easier and significantly cheaper to maintain.

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4. Easy to Install

Laminate wall panels are simpler, less time-consuming, and easier to install when compared to other wall decor alternatives. What’s more, removing laminate wall panels is also easy, giving you the flexibility to remove the panels without damaging the wall and install them elsewhere. The installation process for laminate wall cladding doesn’t produce a host of undesirable remnants such as exposed adhesives or grout lines, making the entire process of installation hassle-free.

The Last Word

Suitable for both commercial and residential properties, Greenlam Clads laminate wall panels come with a host of advantages including protection against microbes, resistance to moisture, fire retardancy, easy installation, and minimal upkeep. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements, fill out our contact form or simply call +91-11-4279-1399.

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