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If you are looking to renovate a residential or commercial property exteriors, antifungal exterior cladding materials are worth your consideration. Along with choosing the exterior wall cladding materials that can offer protection against structural deterioration, thermal insulation, and improved day lighting and interior acoustics, you must also choose colors that render a unique appeal. Greenlam’s high-performance, antifungal exterior wall cladding solutions not only protect your home from harsh weather elements and pathogens including COVID-19, but also enhance the overall aesthetics through a wide range of shades, textures, and color choices. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, let’s look at four exterior cladding color trends to consider in 2021. Read on!

1. Balanced Elemental Colors

If you want a more stable and grounding look, Greenlam’s exterior wall cladding materials catalog features natural colors such as innate wenge, smoldered wood, caramel streak, and enigma. The colors, unlike the 70s and 80s avocado greens and mustard yellows, are more familiar, calming, and let the entrance stand unique. You can also try brown and grey tones such as snake wood and icelandic oak to give a more balanced, sophisticated, and bold appearance.

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2. Dark Colors

If you want something as dark as a differentiator for the exteriors, you can choose from a wide palette of colors such as Lorraine walnut, pure walnut, Pietra, and metropolitan from Greenlam’s antifungal exterior wall cladding catalog. You will get a dark or black modern appearance. The trend has been going strong for decades and is still a favourite of many when it comes to getting a modern and unique appearance to the entrance.

3. High Contrast

Light and dark color contrast, such as choco brown and oyster, is likely to gain significant popularity in 2021. If you too are planning to give a high contrast appearance to your exterior walls, you can choose from a wide range of color pallets available in Greenlam’s exterior wall cladding materials catalog. You can also opt for full black and white elevations to give an appearance of stunning black modern farmhouse exterior designs.

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4. Traditional Style

You can also go for styles that blend contemporary and traditional design elements. This fusion of traditional and contemporary, known as transitional architecture, is familiar with modern design and classic design elements and adds a sense of freshness to exterior walls. Colors such as Premio, eldorado, Oregon oak, and citron stone can work wonders in bringing out the best of transitional architecture on a building’s exterior.

Wrap Up

The trends have been common in the US for decades and keep transforming every year to bring more unique and modern styles. If you are planning to install beautiful premium quality exterior cladding, look no further than Greenlam. We offer antifungal exterior and interior wall cladding solutions and you can choose from a multitude of designs, colors, and shades to complement your decor. To know more about available wall cladding solutions, email or call +91-11-4279-1399.

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