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With the right colour and texture, you can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your property by means of exterior and interior wall cladding solutions. You can mix and match textures, colours and patterns of your choice to revamp your property. Among the various wall cladding materials available, HPL has emerged as a popular choice due to the extensive range of features and benefits it offers. Although exterior or interior wall cladding solutions can easily elevate the aesthetics of your property, you must ensure that you choose the right material, colour, and install it wisely. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we present four considerations to keep in your mind while installing wall cladding solutions. Read on.

1. Choose Modern Exterior Cladding Materials

When it comes to surface decor solutions, architects and designers all over the world swear by HPL. Chemical resistance and fire retardancy are few of many advantages HPLs have over conventional materials used for wall cladding. HPL exterior cladding materials demonstrate exceptional durability, versatility and are available in multiple designs and patterns. High dimensional stability, impact-resistance, and anti-ageing properties are attributes unique to high-pressure laminates. The maintenance is also hassle-free and affordable.

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2. Be Careful of Overdoing It

The interiors, furniture choices and the overall look, as a whole, must be harmonious. The cladding choice and installation, be it exterior or interior wall cladding, must be a sight to behold. It is, therefore, essential to choose your textures, patterns and colours according to the overall design scheme that you decide to follow. The choice of colour and material used for the cladding must compliment the decor and appeal of your property.

3. Pay Attention to Textures

The texture of your wall determines the character you’re choosing to give your interiors. It adds an element of touch and a finish. Whether it is glossy or matte – you are choosing a personality for your wall so pick accordingly. Textured walls are in a different league when compared to smooth walls as they offer an element of realism. Wood textured wall cladding materials allow you to obtain the look of real wood without having to put up with the downsides of wood cladding.

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4. Try and Attain Balance

Bringing all your elements of colour, pattern, texture and design to unison is the secret to designing tasteful interiors. Don’t let uneven contrasts or any extravagant elements to dominate the overall interior theme or steal the attention from your wall cladding solution. It is also essential to pick wall cladding materials and their shades in such a way that even they won’t overshadow the surrounding decor. Attaining uniformity and balance is what you must generally aim for.

Wrap Up

The primary purpose of wall cladding is to accentuate your interiors while increasing the overall structural integrity of your property. Before deciding exterior wall cladding materials or interior ones for that matter, make sure that the design and colours you choose blend well with the rest of the decor. HPL interior and exterior cladding solutions are versatile and offer a variety of options to choose from. Greenlam Clads brings to you an extensive collection of HPL wall cladding solutions available in a variety of colour, design, and texture options. To learn more about our range of wall cladding solutions or to discuss your requirements, call 1800 833 0004 or email at to know more.

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