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Installing Greenlam Clads range of exterior and interior wall cladding materials is a significant investment that brings about a myriad of benefits such as improved thermal conductivity, fire retardancy, resistance to acid rain, and anti-bacterial properties. While there are several cladding manufacturers that offer interior and exterior wall cladding materials in India, not many are backed by reputable certifications that prove the authenticity of their properties and features. Wall cladding solutions offered by Greenlam Clads, on the other hand, are fully certified, offering you nothing but superlative quality. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we list four certifications that prove Greenlam Clads are truly high performance. Read on.

1. UV Resistance

Deteriorating weather conditions due to climate change increase the potential of UV radiation exposure, which often tends to have a negative impact on external surfaces of buildings. Certified by TUV SUD, South Asia’s leading certification company, Greenlam Clads offer superior UV resistance thanks to their sophisticated manufacturing, giving you a good-looking facade for years to come.

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2. Fire Propagation Test

Be it a movie theatre or an automobile showroom, foolproof fire safety measures are a must in every commercial property. While deploying fire extinguishers and complying with construction norms is imperative, you can go the extra mile by installing fire-retardant exterior surfacing solutions for bulletproof fire safety. HPL cladding materials by Greenlam have passed the TUV SUD fire propagation test, highlighting their superior fire retardancy properties.

3. Acid Rain Test

Exterior surfaces are exposed to the elements and airborne chemical stressors such as acid rain contain polluting gases such as carbon dioxide and sulphur oxides. Over time, constant exposure to acid rain may result in the surfaces losing their sheen and good looks. Exterior cladding materials by Greenlam Clads, on the other hand, have successfully cleared acid rain tests, meaning that they offer full protection against acid rain and other harmful weather elements.

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4. Anti-bacterial Efficacy Report

Microbial infestation is a devastating blow to any external or internal wall surfaces. Common exterior cladding materials such as concrete and wood are all known to suffer from the effects of bacterial growth. Architects and engineers, as a result, are now turning to a more advanced wall cladding material such as HPL due to its antibacterial properties. Certified by Biotech Testing Services, Greenlam Clads’ exterior wall cladding materials are proven to be resistant to the growth of several kinds of bacteria.

The Last Word

Greenlam Clads, cladding solutions from Greenlam Industries Ltd., offers a range of aesthetically appealing and high-performance exterior and interior wall cladding solutions for commercial and residential properties alike. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our wall cladding solutions, write to us at or call us at +91-11-4279-1399.

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