4 Benefits of HPL Exterior Wall Cladding from Greenlam Clads Exterior Wall Cladding

As the concentration of heat-trapping gasses in the atmosphere continues to increase, the average temperature of the Earth’s surface is also rising year-on-year. As a result, both residential and commercial buildings are consuming more energy than ever to maintain comfortable interior temperatures and reduce the impact of the external temperatures. This, however, is not a very cost-effective way to deal with the problem. Besides, it also adds to the environmental woes as it leads to an increased consumption of fossil fuels to cater to rising energy demands. Exterior wall cladding materials such as HPL are great for thermal insulation of residential and commercial buildings. HPL exterior cladding helps reduce energy consumption while bringing a lot of other great benefits to the table. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we list some key benefits of using HPL exterior laminate cladding to thermally insulate any building.

1. Reduced Energy Bills

HPL cladding offers excellent thermal insulation for buildings. It helps keep a building’s interior temperature low during summer and high during winter, thereby reducing the need for an increased energy consumption by way of heating or cooling. It also allows the occupants to make significant savings on their energy bills.

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2. Significant ROI

Installing HPL external wall cladding offers significant savings on energy bills. These savings are significant enough for the HPL cladding to pay for its cost within the first few years itself. Once the cost of buying and installing HPL cladding is recovered, the cladding continues to deliver savings for the rest of its life. The best part is that reputable HPL wall cladding manufacturers offer a minimum 12 years warranty.

3. Controlled Condensation

Thermal insulation helps reduce the risk of surface condensation by ensuring that surfaces such as piping do not operate at temperatures lower than that of ambient air. That’s because when the temperature of the surfaces drops below that of ambient air, the moisture in the air tends to condense, leading to corrosion and other damage. Installing HPL cladding helps insulate the building and maintain the best surface temperature.

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4. Reduced Power Consumption

One of the most significant benefits of installing high pressure exterior laminate cladding is  that it reduces a building’s energy needs. And as we know, lower energy consumption means reduced consumption of fossil fuels to generate energy. This, in turn, helps reduce pollution by preventing the release of polluting gasses produced by the fossil fuels.  

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