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Commercial properties such as hospitals, airports, offices, and malls experience a huge footfall on a daily basis and are susceptible to a plethora of external factors including pollution and harsh weather conditions. That is why choosing a sturdy, reliable, and high-performance exterior surfacing solution can be an invaluable asset. Greenlam Clads range of exterior clads is tailor-made to suit high-traffic environments and comes with a myriad of features such as weather-proofing, fade resistance, and fire-retardancy. Continuing on the subject, we present a list of three reasons why Greenlam Exterior Clads are ideal for commercial properties. Read on.

1. Superior Manufacturing with GLE Technology

Greenlam’s extensive efforts in the realm of research and development has resulted in cutting-edge GLE technology, making the exterior clads sturdy and immune against harsh weather conditions. Properties such as hard bonding strength, an excellent fire retardancy, high dimensional stability, impact resistance, and top-notch UV performance make Greenlam exterior cladding perfect for commercial applications.

2. Wide Range of Colours and Designs

Be it a rustic plain colour or a classic wooden shade, Greenlam’s range of HPL exterior clads have got you covered. From five key colour offerings in plain shades to wooden finished clads, you can find a wide range of colours and designs to choose from. Also available in abstract visual designs and colour combinations, our range of exterior clads can help impart a signature-style look to all your commercial properties.

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3. Reliable and Easy to Install

Greenlam’s exterior clads come with attractive properties such as resistance to corrosion, acid rains, and anti-graffiti properties, making them highly reliable and dependable. Easy cleanability alongside scratch resistance makes maintenance a breeze. All exterior and interior cladding comes with complementing hardware rivets facilitating easy and hassle-free installation.

The Final Word

Greenlam exterior clads are made from superior-grade high-pressure compact laminates, protecting your commercial properties against wear and tear. Their easy installation and low-maintenance makes them commercially viable and extremely reliable. Available in 29 decors and in three thickness options of 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, Greenlam’s compact laminate wall cladding guarantees excellent shade consistency and a 10-year warranty. To discuss your requirements or to learn more, write to us at or simply call +91-11-4279-1399.

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